Bixby Technologies
Bixby Technology is a team of professionals with rich experience in IT, Financial, Legal, Marketing, PR
and crypto spheres.
  • analytics
  • targeted advertising
  • SEO
  • SMM

  • development of a PR strategy
  • creation of a base and networking with media
  • preparation and dispatch of press-releases
  • regular media publications
  • organisation and participation in media events
  • analysis of pr-activity of the competitors
  • anti-crisis P
  • logo design and corporate style development
  • design and making-up of polygraphy products
  • creation of photo/video content
  • brand-ID
ICO Consulting
  • project concept development
  • technical implementation of a project
  • designing of pr/marketing campaigns
  • development of a media strategy
  • assess effectiveness of sales forces
  • advertising on paid channels
  • engagement of informational partners or sponsors
  • assess effectiveness of an advertising campaign

  • creation of sites
  • UX/UI
  • full stack development

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